So how did I do on my 2016 resolutions? Read on…

1. Keep volunteering.

End Goal: 25 hours of community service this year.

Result: I did 8 hours when I was between jobs. I did Junior Achievement this past year at work, which is about 5 hours. I also did Angel Tree for the nth year running. I think I did good.

Grade: B

2. Keep flossing.

End Goal: no cavities.

Result: Good job! No cavities! I started falling out of the habit towards November, so I had to re-learn the habit in 2017. A couple of points off for that.

Grade: A

3. Keep doing creative stuff. Hand lettering. Perfumery.

End Goal: none. This is for pleasure.

Result: I didn’t really stick with the hand lettering but it’s all good, I enjoyed it while I did it. Check out my work here:

I’ve gotten back into perfumery. Just enjoying that for its own sake. Bought a perfumery kit as a birthday present to myself and I learn what I can when I can. Discovered the fragrance subreddit and that’s enjoyable to read and learn more in.

Grade: No grade for this. I’m happy.

4. Learn Python.

End Goal: able to scrape data from a website for analysis.

Result: Kind of? I did learn about half of what I was trying to accomplish. I’d like to get back at this.

Grade: C.

5. Learn to fall asleep.

End Goal: Not looking raggedy-ass tired all the time, and no dependence on melatonin.

Result: Success! I think I improved on the not looking so terrible. Not taking any melatonin. I am able to reliably fall asleep on my own, and I don’t need the eye mask. I still need the ear plugs. That’ll be a tougher one to kick. I discovered that some of my terrible early-morning insomnia later in the year was due to my prenatal vitamins (which had fish oil in it). I also have good sleep hygiene now: a comforting sleep ritual involving reading awesome murder mysteries (go Tana French!), scented lotions and lip balms, ice cold water, and relaxation. I even wrote a blog post on how to switch off to get to sleep.

I also started drinking water more to help with my skin hydration; using a Yeti helped a lot with that surprisingly. I guess keeping my water reliably cold is a good incentive to drink.

Grade: A-

6. Stop needing to look at my phone in the car.

End Goal: Be able to sit at a stoplight without looking at my phone. (The following are acceptable: navigation, responding to text via Siri, setting reminders, listen to podcasts (not music).)

Result: Hahahahaha! I was never able to successfully convince myself of the merit of this goal. I did mount my phone on the dash, to make using it like 10% safer. I don’t even know if I’m going to re-up this resolution for 2017.

Grade: F.  So much F.

7. Journal more in Day One.

End Goal: 2x per week. If I do 30 entries before Feb 1st, I can get that keyboard I want.

Result: I did do the 30 entries and get the keyboard. And then didn’t really ever use it much after that. BUT I had 390 diary entries in 2016!! Resolution accomplished!

Grade: A+

8. Cook more at home.

End Goal: At the end of the year, 12 reliable recipes of things we can make either on the spot or ahead of time.

Result: I implemented a really good system of using Pepperplate to meal plan and organize grocery shopping. And I’m not sure I’m at a dozen, but according to Pepperplate we’ve got about 9 reliable recipes? That’s pretty good.

Grade: B

9. Swim lessons for Alex.

End Goal: able to hold his breath for 10 seconds underwater. Able to swim? Not sure if attainable.

Result: Swim lessons were a disaster. The new place he tried was awful for him. The worst teaching techniques for a kid who already hates being in the water. One technique was to dump cupfuls of water on his head repeatedly. I can still hear him sobbing saying over and over, “Mommy, no, please, no”. I’m okay with “failing” this resolution. I researched and went through with 3 of these hellacious lessons before deciding the poor kid just wasn’t ready yet. He IS able to hold his breath for about 4 or 5 seconds, so there’s that.

Grade: C+

10. Take up a physical hobby: indoor rock climbing.

End Goal: Once a month.

Result: I certainly didn’t do much up until July when I got pregnant. Utter fail. Plus stupid rock climbing places keep hippie hours so never open any earlier than 11am. I mean, c’mon seriously?

Anyways, I did take up doing more yoga up until Alex’s sleep issues showed up in September and I lost all my late evening free time.

Seeing as how I’m gonna in my last trimester or wrangling a newborn this year, I’m not renewing this resolution until 2018 or later.

Grade: F