My parents haven’t taken a real vacation in 23 years.  They’ve gone on trips for weddings, funeral, and the mandatory family visits back to the motherland.  But every trip was purely out of familial or social obligation.  Their whole life has been one of constant hard work and responsibility, the kind that the children of immigrants have witnessed first-hand and know too well.  But letting loose and having fun is something my parents haven’t done in a long time.

That changed on Wednesday.

My parents went to my dad’s medical school reunion.  They called me the first day from the cruise ship, and I could hear music and laughter and fun in the background.  I could hear genuine warmth and joy and a little surprise in my dad’s voice as he recounted all the old friends he reunited with and then said, “Yes, daughter, we’re having a good time. [pause].  We’re having a very good time.”

It was the “very” that tipped me off.  I know it’s odd, but every time my parents come back from some social outing, my sister and I would ask, “Did you guys have a good time?” And my dad would always reply “We had a good time.”  But then he would go on about how he needed to catch up on his work or complain about something about the outing.  So to hear my dad say “We’re having a very good time” and nothing else?  It speaks volumes.  They’re probably having a ball, and that could make me happy for the next dozen weeks.

You’re probably wondering why I’m not concerned with my mom having a good time.  The fact is she’s afflicted/blessed with the kind of empathy that simply won’t allow her to have fun or enjoy herself, unless my dad is too.  So I knew, I KNEW, that if Dad was having a good time, then Mom was having a great time.

Let’s get on to good stuff, shall we?  Other stuff that’s making me happy this week:


  • This water table for my son.  Worth every penny in those mild temperate Dallas summers we never have.
  • Obsessed with HomeGoods?  This interesting article delves into how TJ Maxx sources its inventory.  You wouldn’t think it would be that interesting, but then again, you may also not be that obsessed with all things HomeGoods.  Like me.  Have you MET me?
  • This new thing I’ve invented called “trash yoga”.  It’s where I watch “Jane the Virgin” and do yoga at the same time.  Warrior Pose is way more satisfying when you’re ogling Justin Baldoni at the same time. (Speaking of, that guy has the face of a Disney character, but in a good way.  Specifically this Disney character.)


Society6 and SiteJabber


Getting beautiful yoga pants from Society6.  The designs on this site are gorgeous and unique.  If you like what you see over there, do yourself a favor: subscribe to their emails.  Every month or so, they’ll put out a really good discount on specific products, like 25% off tote bags.  Or they’ll do a special preview discount for their email subscribers: for Memorial Day, site visitors got a 15% discount, but email subscribers got 20% off.

I have a really hard time deciding what to pull the trigger on because everything is beautiful.  So I regularly browse the site when there’s not a sale going on, and add tons of stuff to my wishlist.  By the time a sale happens, I just trawl the wishlist, and by then it’s abundantly clear what I actually like.

Lastly, I spent a lot of time debating whether to buy clothes from Society6.  The reviews over at SiteJabber clinched it, mainly because of the excellent customer service everyone is raving about.

That being said, I’m not 100% sold on the yoga pants.  They just aren’t as vivid or deep as the picture, but they’re still very pretty.


So what’s been making you happy this week?  Let me know in the comments!