Let’s just dive right into why using Outlook is better than the native mail app


  • There’s a “focused” inbox and an “other” inbox, which makes pawing through the morning email dump a lot easier. You can also teach Outlook what emails should get categorized into the Other inbox.
  • Mail, Calendar, and Contacts are ALL IN THE SAME APP.  Did you hear that Apple?  I’m tired of switching!


  • Easier to find attachments in a separate Files section.  Plus you can hook into your DropBox account, Google Drive, and OneDrive, et al.
  • Calendar is more visually interesting and informative than iOS’ native calendar app.  Still doesn’t appear to support cancelling or rescheduling meetings, but iOS handling of that is pretty pathetic anyways.
  • Search bar supports syntax like “from:dave” or “received:yesterday” (just like the desktop version of Outlook).
  • Much easier to get to the folders.  In iOS Mail, you have to retreat to the previous screen, and enter the list of folders.  That’s two clicks away, compared to a single click away in Outlook.  Might not be a big deal to you, but plenty of people like to file emails away in folders to stay organized.
  • Accidentally deleted or moved an email?  An undo button appears for a few seconds at the bottom
  • Schedule your emails: you can specify for Outlook to re-notify you of an email you’ve already opened.  Maybe because you have filthy sleep hygiene, and you check email while lying in bed at night, and you want to make sure it’s not lost in the morning onslaught.
  • Lastly, I kinda like the notification sounds.  They’re soothing, but not inaudible.

I still can’t believe I suffered with iOS’s Mail app for over 4 years.  And this app is free!  There are other great mail clients out there, but they cost more than a couple bucks in the app store.

Do you have any favorite mail clients?  Let me know in the comments!