Discovering Hyperbole and a Half

A cartoon essay blog which contains delightful nuggets like “My collective frustrations burst forth from my tiny body like bees from a nest that had just been pelted with a rock.”  You might recognize her work from this:



Chuck Palahniuk’s essays on writing

His best known is “Show, Don’t Tell” or (something like that.)  Utterly paralyzing writing advice that ultimately upped my writing game a 1 to a 1.2 (on a scale of 10).


I know, I know.  A little late to the game.  But it’s amazing, and I sent this video to my Broadway-phobic husband, and even he was impressed.  If only NPR raffled off Hamilton tickets instead of iPads, I might even have a shot at going. One day…

The Lantern Fest

Did you love Tangled?  Are you a fan of delightful magical floating lanterns?  Lantern Fest is a company organizes the launch of hundreds of floating lights into the evening sky.


It’s a little pricy ($25-50, depending on how early you buy tickets), but it’s necessary because there’s a lot of cleanup afterwards and they make the lanterns as eco-friendly as possible.  Available in about 20 cities, including Dallas (woo-hoo!).