This was an unusually good week for me!

Cute pink notebooks

Looook.  Look at them.  They’re so pretty!  And full of moxie, which I’m never in short supply on anyways.

Both stationeries are from HomeGoods.  Let’s Do This Journal by Eccolo Ltd.  Big Ideas & Grand Plans steno pad from Sheffield Home.


Renovating my laundry room

I had an electrician rip out the soul-sucking fluorescent lights and put in recessed can lights AND over/under cabinet lighting.  I’m so in love with the way it looks that I did a load of laundry JUST FOR FUN.

laundry room undercabinet lighting
Please disregard the terrible 1980’s wallpaper. And the thongs.  Look how awesome the lighting is!

dolce gabbana pour femme rollerball

Hand-me down perfume from my sister

My sister has excellent taste, and every month or so she purges her stuff and I win a grab-bag; she’s my personal Birchbox.  The latest awesome is this rollerball Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme.  It smells like motherflippin’ MARSHMALLOW. I didn’t even know that was possible.


Seeing the completely unadulterated joy on my son’s face at being offered a strawberry macaroon.

And watching him light up even more when he ate it.


Taking the day off and not succumbing to any errands.  

Okay, maybe just one (doctor’s appt in the morning).  But after that, it was a solid two hours of lazily browsing at HomeGoods, followed by lunch at Neighborhood Services and watching Captain America: Civil War with Stevie.  All in all, a perfect day.