I used to run 15 minutes late to daycare every day.  These are the little things I did to change my morning routine so that I could be on time:

Pick your shoes out first.

“I worked out yesterday, calves are kinda sore, better wear flats.”

“I have a meeting with my VP, and I’d prefer to look tall and commanding today.  Heels it is!”

“Ugh, it’s gonna rain.  Where are my boots?”

“I’m so sick of all these shoes.  Let’s wear the Converse!”

You get the idea.  The outfit starts with the shoes.  Shoes dictate which pants/jeans (or dress/skirt).  Which narrows down the tops/sweaters/jackets.

Oh right, I have those plans to walk on railroad tracks.  Obviously that calls for my high heeled animal-print sneaker wedge thingies.  (Please excuse me while I toothpick the barf off my keyboard.  I can’t believe I had to write that description).

Save the loofah and body wash for the weekends.

I might be overestimating but I’m pretty sure that using a bar of soap instead of a loofah and body wash saves me at least 2 minutes in the shower.   It just seemed like the loofah would “run out” of soap and I’d have to re-apply.  Then there was the squeezing and rinsing.  Ugh, no more of that nonsense; I save my fancypants body wash for the weekend.

My junk is still all swampy, but I’m all out of Caress.  FML.  

Keep a digital clock in the bathroom, visible from the shower.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Mine was $10 from Target.  I like it because it’s easy to see from my shower, 10 feet away.  But just make sure you can easily see it from everywhere in your space.

This one’s mine.  I like it because it’s digital, but in a more subtle way, not like a 1980’s Casio calculator watch.  

Another cool trick I picked up from my friend Nithy: she has a specific Spotify playlist that she plays every morning.  If she hears a particular song, and she’s not ready yet, she knows she’s running late.  Clever girl.

Want to hear the rest?  Part 2 coming soon!

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for getting ready fast in the morning?  Clearly, I like any wacky idea!