Everybody likes Evernote.  It’s ridiculously easy to use, has a pleasant interface, and can be used for document storage and syncing, note organization, photo backup, and countless other uses.

And yet…

I just can’t get into Evernote.

I just can’t.

There’s nothing WRONG with it.  Every logical feature I need is available.  Evernote has notebooks, tagging, reminders, add to favorites, ability to share notes, superb search index, you name it. I have every reason to use it, and no reason to dislike it.

But still…Meh.

I’m not completely phobic.  I do dabble in it.  I have a “House” notebook, where I’ve recorded measurements of spaces in my house, like the dimensions of shelves in case I need to buy containers to fit.  Or the height of my windowsills for when I eventually buy blinds.  And whenever I open up Evernote when I’m out shopping, I’m glad to have it around.

But I feel nothing for Evernote.

I’m sorry, Evernote.  I’m just not that into you.

Evernote has no personality.  There’s no character or quirks.  The design is spare and minimalist, but it’s not elegant or inspiring.  The Evernote logo, an elephant, has no facial expression.  At least J.A.R.V.I.S. could drily crack a joke.  Even Siri can beatbox or chastise you if you cuss her out.

Apparently I’ve friendzoned Evernote.  

Evernote is like a friend who’s always hanging around, hoping you’ll notice them, and keeps trying to make themselves useful instead of just being themselves. Evernote remembers things I no longer care about.  It hoards bookmarks that I wonder why I bothered saving.  It has pictures like that of a brand of soap I once liked, but none of my son or anything else with an emotional connection.  (Because those pics get saved elsewhere or shared on social media).  I don’t really confide in Evernote.

Evernote just doesn’t fit in with my friends either.  

I can’t even use my Google account to login, so I need a separate password.  I can send lots of stuff to Evernote, because extensions and clippers abound.  But you can’t really integrate it with anything else.  So Evernote sits in the corner of the party, staring at his phone, and if you ask him, he’ll remember that random website you clipped 4 years ago.

Someone please tell me: Is it just me?  Do you love Evernote, or are your feelings lukewarm at best too?  

Also, do you have an app that you also feel meh about that everyone else loves?