I don’t put vegetables in the crisper drawer.  Even though they’re great at keeping veggies fresher longer when used correctly, I just forget they’re there.  I’ve cleaned out rotted vegetables more times than I’ve ever retrieved fresh ones.  The crisper is just a hospice for vegetables.

My clock in the bathroom runs 9 minutes fast.  Also, I have an alarm that’s set for 8:01am to remind me I have 10 minutes to finish getting ready and get Alex in the car, or else I’m going to be late.  I’ve had friends who find this baffling. “Why can’t you just watch the clock better?”  I don’t know, I just get caught up in doing other stuff.  But alarms can’t be ignored.

My husband hates it when I buy him groceries.  Even if it’s the same groceries he bought the previous week.  He’s been dieting, and I’ve been paying attention to what’s allowed on his diet and what he’s eating.  So naturally I picked up some groceries for him a few weeks ago.  This is what happened at the end of the week.

Me: “I’m not buying you anymore groceries.  You didn’t eat anything I got you.”

Him: “I know, please don’t buy me anything.”

Me: “Why?  I know you like avocados.  I SAW you eat asparagus last week.  I definitely smelled it in the bathroom!”

Him: “Yeah, I know.  But when you buy me stuff, I feel pressured to eat it.  And then I don’t enjoy it.  I’d really just rather get stuff as I think of it.”

Me: pause  “Okay.  I understand that.  But I want you to acknowledge that this is irrational.”

Him: throws up his hands “Oh it definitely is!  It’s hella irrational.  But it WORKS.”

Me: “I can live with that.”


So tell me.  What tricks do you have that are totally irrational but they work for you?