It’s 2:30pm. You’re in an energy slump, but if you’ve sworn off coffee in the afternoons so that you can sleep at night. Instead of reaching for an energy drink or coffee, munch 1-2 chocolate-covered espresso beans instead.

One neurotic and dedicated caffeine-addict already calculated that a single chocolate-covered espresso bean is probably about 8-10mg of caffeine. Given that a serving of coffee or espresso usually starts at ~50mg, and most energy drinks start at ~70mg, munching on 1-2 beans is probably just the right amount to knock off the afternoon doldrums without jeopardizing your bedtime routine.

The fact that it’s probably only about 8 calories per bean is another bonus. Plus it’s easy to store in your desk drawer, and they keep for a long time.

So what do you do for a caffeine pick-me-up? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and those of you who “just get up and stretch” or “go for a brisk walk”?

liz lemon no thank you please