bottles too tall for drawer

 These are a few of the annoying bottles that are cluttering my bathroom counter. It’s really, really annoying. See how the bottles are at least 9.5″ tall? Do you know what the height of most bathroom drawers is? I’ll give you a hint: it’s less than 9.5″.

Consumer goods are usually tall and not “fat” because retail shelf space is better optimized for height, not width. You can pack more bottles into a standard grocery store shelve, which is always..what? 12″? 15″? Something like that.

So fast-forward to me buying special pump dispensers that I can empty my lotions into. They’re pleasantly plump, and less than 7″ tall, so it fits perfectly in a bathroom drawer.

My other brilliant idea was to pour mouthwash into an attractive oil dispenser. Which I dispense with gusto. Directly into my mouth.

Declutter bathroom counter space by using drawer-friendly bottles
I wouldn’t borrow mouthwash from me. I drink from the spout.

So do you have any weird bathroom organization problems? How did you solve them? Let me know in the comments!