Please forgive my writing.

There it is. Up front. I know that I’m no good. And as Ira Glass once said (more or less), starting anything creative is difficult because you have good taste and you know what’s good, and what you’re creating is SO BAD.

Or something like that. I’m paraphrasing and resisting the urge to google “ira glass starting”.

But you have to keep going. So here we go. Ugh. That line is terrible. Remove it in post.

I was inspired by two things this week:

This article at

And also one of my favorite YouTubers, a guy named Ian who does video recap and analysis of Buffy episodes. And he decided to start from the pilot and work his way through all 127 (?) episodes. He put out this video, and that’s when I realized he’s just a guy who started and KEPT AT IT.

Well then. I have no excuse. I can promise you and myself two things:

  1. Posts will start shitty and short.

  2. They will not stay that way forever.