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A working mom with ADHD confesses her life hacks


Get ready in the morning faster by pulling out your toiletries beforehand

I’m a working mom, and I have ADHD. Put those two things together, and you have a recipe for someone who’s constantly getting distracted in the morning trying to get out the door.

Most people I talk to don’t have any issues with their morning routine. But like an Olympic swimmer, I’m always looking for ways to shave seconds off every day tasks. Here’s my latest trick:

Whatever toiletries you’re planning to use, take them out of the drawer and line them up on your counter ahead of time.

Why does this work? Because looking into my drawer of crap every 30-45 seconds to find the next toiletry or article of makeup I’m going to use wastes time. Your brain has to scan all the articles and mentally “sift” for the face lotion you’re looking for, and then again a minute later for the deodorant.

I mean, look at all this stuff! LOOK! Even when it’s “organized”, it’s still mentally taxing, if you’re trying to get makeup on your wretched sleep-deprived face in less than 4 minutes.

organized but still messy toiletry drawer

I usually start the shower, and while the water warms up, I walk over to my vanity, and pull out body lotion, deodorant, perfume, and only the makeup I’m planning on actually wearing. Then when I’m getting ready, it’s a simple process of grab the next item on the counter, use it, and drop it in drawer.

Grab deodorant off the counter, swipe, drop into the drawer. Grab lotion, apply, drop in the drawer. Grab sunblock, apply to face, drop in drawer. I’m able to run through this in such a rapid succession without thinking or getting distracted by the messiness of the drawer’s contents.

Standard disclaimer: This advice is not for most of you. But if you’re easily distracted like me, it might work for you.

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