Better Faster Lazier

A working mom with ADHD confesses her life hacks


Always late? Put your shoes on first.

I’m always at least 10 minutes late to everything. I’ve noticed there’s several types of chronically-late people (insert link to future blog post), and I’m a Time-Underestimator: I just always think that one tiny chore just isn’t going to take very long, so why not load the washer? It’s only going to take 45 seconds. Oh, and on my way back to my bathroom to finish my makeup, I notice a few pairs of shoes, lying around, better pick those up and take them with me. Drop off the shoes in my closet, and damn, I should put those shoes in their proper shoes organizers. You get the idea.

My time is eaten up is 45-second well-meaning chunks of time.

Why yes, this is the perfect time for this shit.  source:getty images.


Which is why this next life hack was life-changing for me: Put your shoes on first.

When I get ready in the morning, I make sure putting on clothes and getting my shoes on happens BEFORE hair, makeup, accessorizing, etc.

Putting on your shoes tricks your brain into thinking it’s time to go. And if it’s time to go, then you certainly aren’t in the mindset to clean or tidy up anything.

About 90% of the people who read this will think it’s a dumb idea. But the 10% of people who are like me, who are always distracted by some dumb thing that can wait, putting on shoes first will make total freaking perfect sense.

So what tricks do you have for getting out the door?  Let me know in the comments.

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